Monday, 19 February, 2018

Iran-Airbus deal to be finalized within days


Airbus officials will travel to Iran by the end of August to finalize the aircraft purchase deal, Iranian Transport Minister Abbas Akhoundi announced.

‘Since the financing issues have been concluded with Airbus, the deal is probable to be finalized within days’ , ISNA quoted Akhoundi as saying on Thursday.

According to Akhoundi, officials from Boeing have also visited Iran and negotiations are underway with them to supply Iran with its ordered aircrafts.

“We plan to make purchases by the end of 2016 and we hope that the two aircraft manufacturers can receive the required permit form Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to provide us with our ordered 118 aircrafts from Boeing and 108 ones from Airbus,” he explained.

The Iran Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has insisted that recently announced deals with the world’s two big aircraft manufacturers, Boeing and Airbus, can still go ahead, despite strong opposition to the deals from some U.S. politicians.

Reza Ja’farzadeh, a senior spokesman for the ICAO, said in late July that although no formal contracts have been signed, all sides remain committed to the undertakings they have given, according to remarks reported by IRNA news agency.

He added that the Ministry of Transport and Urban Development and the Foreign Ministry were together working on the issue.

Iranian airlines need to buy around 500 planes over the next ten years to replace their ageing fleets and to take advantage of the expected growth in air travel in the coming years.

Iranian carriers currently own a 250-strong fleet, but at least 100 of their planes have either broken down or been stripped for spare parts.

In January, Airbus agreed to sell aircrafts to Iran in a deal worth $27 billion. That was followed in June by Boeing tentatively agreeing to sell planes to Iran Air, in a deal worth $17.6 billion at list prices.

Farhad Parvaresh, the managing director of Iran Air, told Fars news agency on July 17 that the airline is hoped to finalize the deal with Airbus and another smaller deal with France’s ATR by the end of August. The first planes could be delivered by the end of the year.

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  1. Abbas Ali Kheradmand

    August 28, 2021 at 4:32 am

    Happy to read that Iran is buying new plane n proceeding towards success. Thought born n brought up in India n born to n irani father n mother from Yazd provenance. InshAllah Iran should only think about developing Iran n helping to bringing all Iranian back to Iran giving them more facilties.
    We love Iran

  2. Amir

    August 28, 2021 at 6:09 pm

    It is time to show the power of “me” rather “it”. It is confusing that who are “me”, and who is “it”. If I may, thirty eight years ago some of “me” were sent mostly to the land of “it” by will and fears, promising, but hopping to come back rebuilding Iran for better future. It, for so many years, prevented Iran to develop itself up due to unjustified war and inhuman sanctions provided respectfully by “it” for past 37 years. Finally with Russian military power on top, Chinese finance on East, and some other crazy creatures created by “it” like ISIS, “it” decided to settle good for all. The sale of aircrafts are the respectful gesture by “it” in order to facilitate its movements inward wishfully. The OFAC will let both deals ( Airbus and Boeing) go through because, first, it has no futuristic plan for its own, second, all the promises made by “it” to “me” as a respectful citizen can no longer make “me” satisfied. “It” cannot provide better finance and better future for its own people, not to mention others. It needs real money- big one. If “it” does not come up with a solution, its own empire may go bust.
    I, as “me”, have lived in any country fed by “it”, I know, “it” will no longer can fulfill its promises to “me”.
    Legality was my first problem, Establishing was the second, and now sustaining what I worked work for past thirty eight years is my dilemmas. So migration back to Iran may not be such a bad idea.
    Rumi maybe a good example of all of these in “ Masnavi Molavi”, the story of Rabbit and the Lion;
    If a country has these, Time- patience- wisdom- wiseness, it will eventually Perivale.

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