Wednesday, 06 December, 2017

Iran Allocates $270m to Save Urmia Lake


Iranian government spokesman has announced that the cabinet ratified allocation of nearly $270 million to save Urmia Lake. Mohammad Baqer Nowbakht attended a press conference after the cabinet’s meeting and said the budget is allocated to implement the results of studies by a committee for saving the lake. The spokesman pointed to four steps for implementation of studies and named prohibition of change in agricultural pattern in farms near the lake, converting sugar beet farms to wheat farms, and compensating the loss farmers might suffer due to the change in product from the allocated budget as some solutions in the plan. Nowbakht also pointed to recent rainfalls and said precipitations in current year has seen a 75 per cent raise compared to a long-term period and added that water sources at dams have risen by about 1.5 billion cubic meters. He asserted that due to recent rains Urmia Lake water level has risen for 50 centimeters.


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