Sunday, 15 September, 2019

Iran ‘always’ in my heart, Sami Yusuf says

‘Iran is always in my heart and if someday I decided to travel to Iran, the holy city of Mashhad will be my first destination in the country.’

In an interview with Iran’s Tasnim News Agency, the well-known Muslim singer Sami Yusuf talked about his interest to travel to Iran, his recent controversial performance in the Israeli city Nazareth and the Iranian epic film ‘Muhammad’.

Some excerpts of his interview are mentioned in the following:

Iranian Movie ‘Muhammad’

Yusuf: I hope the Iranian movie ‘Muhammad’ (PBUH) would have positive impacts on introducing real Islam and its Holy Messenger to the world. Muslims should produce more movies about the prophet of Islam. It is not acceptable that there were only two major productions describing the life of Mohammad (PBUH).

Yusuf: I personally believe that the recent criticisms by Al-Azhar’s scholars to Movie ‘Muhammad’ have political not religious reasons.


Yusuf: ISIS is a modern group rather than a traditional one. Namely, it is a modern and new, basically an evil group. Not only does ISIS has to do with Islam, but some signs of Communist doctrine in the 19th century can be observed in such an evil group. ISIS and Takfiri groups are some new and modern concepts which are totally illegitimate. They are some people suffering from serious abnormal disorders, required to some help.

Islamic philosophy

Yusuf: Unfortunately, the Islamic philosophy has been disappeared among Muslim countries. Iran is the only country that has tried to restore Islamic philosophy and to apply it.

Yusuf: Shiism and Sunnis are not different sects but derived from the same origin. The reality is that both are brothers.

Controversial performance in the Israeli city Nazareth

Yusuf: I went Nazareth to see only my Palestinian brothers and sisters, just for their sake. In my opinion, when I was invited to perform my songs in Israel, I did not perform for Israeli regime but for the people of Nazareth which is the Arabic capital of Palestine. I did not go to Nazareth for fun, but instead it was a kind of Jihad.


Yusuf: One of the biggest dreams of my life is to have constant communication with Iran and Iranians, to travel regularly to the country during eves and celebrations to perform songs for my Iranian brothers and sisters. Iran is mainly my homeland. I am rooted in Iran. I am ethically and culturally Iranian. My parents live in Iran, having many relatives in Tehran and Tabriz. Iran has always been in my heart. I hope one day I would travel to Iran and perform songs there. If I travel to Iran, my first destination would be holy city of Mashhad.

Yusuf: Iran is an important country in the Middle East. Basically, this country has talented young people with great potential in the region and it is unbelievable. Some people may be jealous of this reality.

Yusuf: I am very much interested in Iranian traditional music. If I want to name some of them, I can mention Mohammad-Reza Shajarian, Shahram Nazeri, Ali Tajvidi, Jalil Shahnaz and so on. The more traditional, the more I enjoy listening to music.

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