Friday, 03 March, 2017

Iran becomes Turkey’s new rival in tourism, Turkish newspaper reports

by Daemyar

In an article released on Tuesday, Turkish newspaper Hurriyet has named Iran as Turkey’s new rival in Tourism in the region.

In this article we read:

“Turkey has been growing in tourism at two-digit figures every year for the past 25 years, but it is expected to complete 2015 with $5 billion in losses because of the Syrian crisis and economic fluctuations in Russia.

According to experts, if you also add the hottest topic in the world, terror, into the equation, then question marks about tourism in 2016 are increasing. As a matter of fact, in the security section of the Tourism Competition Index of the World Economic Forum, Turkey ranks 121 among 142 countries.

While tourism executives are trying to reach new markets like China, India and South Africa, it also appears that Turkey will have to compete with a new rival in the region.

That new rival is Iran, which is in the process of normalization with the West.

The CEO of the Ekin Group, Fehmi Köfteoğlu, said they would especially focus on Iran in a report they will submit to the tourism congress.

Iran was also the star of the World Travel Fair in London held at the beginning of November, he said. “Iran’s stand at the fair was five to six times bigger when compared to past years.”

There is a special section dedicated to Iran in the global trends in tourism report prepared by the World Travel Market and Euromonitor International.

Along with the historic and cultural heritage accumulated through the centuries, Iran is expected to become an important destination in faith tourism as well as adventure tourism thanks to its 20 ski centers. However, because of its years of isolation and sanctions, its infrastructure has long been neglected.

But Köfteoğlu said tourism investments would pour into Iran as the country becomes a favorite of foreign travel agencies. As part of new steps taken for tourism, the Iranian government has introduced a visa-on-arrival system for foreigners such as Germans, French and Russians. “

 Image: Darband area, northern Tehran

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  1. Irfan Ahmad

    November 27, 2021 at 1:57 am

    In 2015, 1 million visitors from the Middle East to the popular Arabic/English travel website/app selected Tehran and Isfahan as two of the top 10 cities they wish to visit. This shows the tremendous interest in Iran as a tourism destination for Arabs. However, lack of international hotel chains means that hotels in Iran have to upgrade their facilities to meet international standards and also have to do aggressive marketing to create awareness of their brand. A tourist used to staying at a Sheraton or Hilton doesn’t know where to stay in Iran.

    Irfan Ahmad

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