Friday, 17 January, 2020

Iran commemorates great Azeri poet Shahriar

September 18 has been named the ‘National Day of Persian poetry and literature’ in Iran as it is the death anniversary of the legendary Iranian poet Shahriar.

Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Behjat-Tabrizi, chiefly known by his pen name as Shahriar, was a legendary Iranian poet of Azeri origin, who wrote in Azerbaijani and Persian.

He was born in 1906-September 18 in a village near Tabriz City which is located in West Azerbaijan of Iran.

Shahriar was the first Iranian to write significant poetry in Azerbaijani Turkic. He published his first book of poems in 1929, with prefaces by Mohammad Taghi Bahar, Saeed Nafisi, and Pezhman Bakhtiari.


The tomb of Shahriar,Tabriz, West Azerbaijan province, Iran

His poems are mainly influenced by Hafez, well-known Iranian poet. His most famous poem in Azari language is ‘Heydar-Babaya Salaam’ (Hello to Heydar-Baba), which was published in 1954 and has so far been translated into more than 30 languages all over the world, especially in Turkic speaking countries.

Shahriar died on 18 September 2021 in one of the Tehran’s hospitals and his body was transferred to Tabriz and was buried in Maqbaratoshoara (House of Poets).

Every year Iran honors his memory on his death anniversary named as the ‘National Day of Persian poetry and literature’

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