Tuesday, 14 January, 2020

Iran continues oil supply defying U.S. sanctions

Iran continues oil supply to the Mediterranian and Asia defying the USA sanctions. This was reported by the New York times based on its own investigation.

It is noted that the daily newspaper detected the movement of 70 Iranian tankers due to help of the MarineTraffic, Refinitiv and Planet Labs services. According to the investigation, when the sanctions came into effect after May 2, 2019, 14 tankers still continued exporting the oil to China and may also have gone to Syria and Turkey through the Suez Canal. Iran was transporting more than 500,000 barrels since June.

It stands to mention that despite the fact that Iran keeps oil supplying Tehran reduced export volume.

The USA government declared the start of a new packet of sanctions against a number of natural and legal persons in Iran due to nuclear program development in spring 2019.

Iran and international mediators came to an agreement relative to the country’s nuclear program in 2015. Iran agreed to refuse from it in exchange for the termination of the long-term sanctions regime.

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