Saturday, 28 March, 2020

Iran FM Call for an “Immediate End” to Israel’s Attack of Gaza

Iran’s foreign minister has called for an “immediate end” to Israel’s bombing of Gaza and criticized the U.S. for not restraining its most important Middle Eastern ally.

In an interview with US broadcaster NBC, Mohammad Javad Zarif said that members of the Security Council have a “moral and legal responsibility” to curb Israel’s attacks.

“We know that all the weapons that are used by Israel in order to attack civilians in Gaza have been provided by the United States and we don’t see any move by the United States to condemn that, to use the Security Council in order to put an end to it,” he added.

Asked to condemn Hamas rocket attacks on Israel, Zarif told the NBC program Meet the Press: “We do not condemn people who are defending themselves.”

He added: “We believe that Israel aims to make Palestinians suffer from hunger by the initiatives endangering civilians in [the] Gaza Strip, restricting civilians’ access to food and medicine.”

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