Monday, 10 August, 2020

Iran, France to cooperate on shrimp production, export

Iran and France have signed a contract to cooperate on the production and export of shrimp from Iran, Financial Tribune daily reported on Monday.

The contract sealed between Iran’s Hormoz Dam Company and French Crusta’C and Du Ble Au Soleil SASU companies is worth 20 million U.S. dollars.

Both sides aim to export 1,000 tons of shrimp annually, said Majid Movafeq-Qadiri, chairman of Iran Feed Industry Association.

“The share of capital each side brings to the table is not stipulated precisely in the contract, yet the French sides will provide the latest technology in the field to their Iranian counterpart and this is what we are mainly after,” Movafeq-Qadiri was quoted as saying.

The required technology includes the latest shrimp farming methods, the mass production of larvae, feeding instructions and efficient ways of processing and packaging, Movafeq-Qadiri said.

The two sides have also agreed to establish a joint holding called the Crustapars to carry out the whole shrimp production and export process under the same brand.


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