Wednesday, 12 December, 2018

Iran high potential trade partner for Europe: Austrian Attaché


Despite the challenges imposed by sanctions, trade and manufacturing in Iran would not be interrupted, and the country has high potentials for doing business with Europe, commercial Attaché at Austrian embassy in Tehran said.

Hamedan with capability of manufacturing various products has the potential to be a good trade partner for Europe, particularly Austria, Grab Mayer said at a meeting with business people in Hamedan.

Hamedan is a center-west Iranian city and the capital of a province with the same name.

The products made in Hamedan are of such high standards that can be introduced to global markets, he said urging the business people to use the potential.

Grab Myer also called for close relations between Hamedan’s companies and industries and the commercial department of Austria’s embassy, so that the two sides can discuss cooperation spheres in detail.

He forecast a bright prospect for economic cooperation with Iran in general, and Hamedan in particular.

Grab Myer and Austria’s Ambassador in Tehran, Stephen Schultz, are visiting Hamedan for a two-day forum in Hamedan.

Via: Irna

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