Wednesday, 10 August, 2016

Iran Improves in HR Development


According to the latest HR development report of the WEF, Iran has soared 14 ranks higher in 2014. According to the latest Human Capital Report issued by the World Economic Foundation (WEF) Iran has improved in human resources development with moving up 14 places in the ranking.

The previous report that was released in 2013 showed Iran as the 94th among 124 countries but the 2015 report indicates a drastic move-up by Iran standing at 80th with a total of 63.2 points.

Iran and Egypt are the only nations with considerable enhancement in the ranking while Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, and Malaysia have had a deep plunge in the same period.

The Human Capital Report details the findings of a new Index which measures countries on their ability to develop and deploy healthy, educated and able workers through four distinct pillars: Education, Health & Wellness, Workforce & Employment and Enabling Environment.

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