Sunday, 08 December, 2019

Iran joins advanced countries in establishing ‘brain bank’

Iran has joined the US, Germany and other European countries  in establishing its first ‘brain bank’ to promote research on diseases pertaining to the neurological system including Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis, said Dr. Mohammad-Taqi Joghataei, who is in charge of the bank, according to The Iran Daily.

“In certain countries, brain banks have been in operation for the past 20 years. Such banks are of great importance since they provide scientists the opportunity to conduct research on human brains rather than lab animals to come up with the causes of Parkinson’s, autism and movement disorders.

The specialist said that Iran’s brain bank was designed based on European models.

“Brain of those declared brain-dead — who also suffered from a type of neurological disease — can feed the brain bank. Also, sections of the brain tissue in patients suffering from brain tumor are removed and can be donated to the bank for research,” he said.

Joghataei, who doubles as secretary of Stem Cell Headquarters for Neurological Sciences, said that brain donation should be done with the full consent of family members.

“The brain of those declared brain-dead must be donated within six hours. The organ must be stored in -80˚,” he said.

Joghataei named the United Kingdom, France, Qatar, Kuwait, the United States, Canada, Brazil and Argentina as countries having established their brain banks.

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