Friday, 14 August, 2020

Iran lashes out at Israeli PM’s rhetoric

Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi has lashed out at the “outrageous” remarks made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on taking military action against Iran, saying the Zionist regime’s pipe dreams “will never come true.”

Netanyahu said on Thursday that he does not rule out the possibility of taking military action inside the Iranian territories.

“Although the corrupt and aggressive Zionist regime, which is a symbol of delusions, grudge and hatred, will never ever dare to take such a step, the uttering of such outrageous and shameful words out of ignorance or delusion by the prime minister of an aggressive regime, knowingly or unknowingly, amounts to threatening a big and historical country with military action,” he stated.

Such a threat “will be certainly followed up on in legal and international forums and institutions,” the spokesman warned.

Qassemi further said that the formation of the Zionist regime was originally based on invading and threatening regional states.

While the Zionist regime has in the past decades been the main disturber of stability and security and the root cause of various conflicts, it is now ridiculously expressing false concerns about stability in the region, he added.

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