Saturday, 03 February, 2018

Iran Peeks from Behind the Veil


Excerpts from the Interesting article “#Iran Peeks from Behind the Veil” written by Edward Blakely, Honorary Professor of Urban Policy at the US Studies Centre about Iran:

As #Egypt, #Syria, #Iraq and #Ukraine fall apart, Iran is looking like a better potential friend than most in in the region.

Iran is a #modern industrialized state caught in a time warp.

Iran is a #western nation in the Middle East. Iran cannot cling rigidly to the past and shape a satisfactory future for its people.

Until recently, #Iranian technicians were sought after by other Middle Eastern nations. Iran’s education and science facilities are excellent.

I shared more than a few lattes in small coffeehouses with Iranian colleagues. War or hostility toward the west was non-existent in any conversation.

The big problem in Iran is big cities. Every major city has vast suburbs anchored by Westfield-style shopping centers as well as large bazaars and traditional shopping strips. There isn’t anything one cannot buy.

Iran needs to export its brain power to the world. Iranian engineers are needed and welcome in many places.

Lifting sanctions is all that is required for students to flock to Iran for cheaper high-quality degrees.

If the sanctions and suspicions are reduced Iran can become a much-needed peace broker too. Iran is well situated to reach out to Arab spring nations.

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