Wednesday, 04 May, 2016

Iran Plans to Build 5G Innovation Center


Iran plans to establish a 5G innovation center aimed at patenting inventions.

Head of Information and Communication Technology Institute (ICTI), Mohammad Khansari, told that planning for production and distribution of the 5G technology has started which is based on values pertaining to Iranian-Islamic culture.

5G Technology which stands for 5th Generation Mobile technology is the next generation of mobile communication technology capable of handling our ever-increasing demand for mobile data and providing connectivity for future technologies such as the Internet of Things.

“Patenting inventions in the field of G5 technology, obtaining intellectual property rights, and providing a clear and transparent atmosphere for research are among our future plans for the G5 center,” said Khansari.

“Instead of waiting for the G5 technology to arrive in the country and then indigenizing it, we are planning to fall into steps with the world and have our own domestic version of the G5; to reach this end, we have on our agenda to call for international cooperation in the field of G5 technology,” he said.

Stressing that the ICTI has already begun international interactions and has plans for research and development cooperation with a number of companies, Khansari added that the country is not merely seeking to produce articles on G5 but actually plans to patent inventions in this field.

Khansari predicted that the standardization process for the G5 technology will begin in 2016 and it will be ready for public distribution by 2020.

Mehr News Agency


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