Friday, 17 January, 2020

Iran ranks 82nd in Intelligence Capital Index

Iran ranks number 82 in the Intelligence Capital Index (ICI), created to measure which nations are most likely to foster the big ideas of tomorrow.

Kai L. Chan, a distinguished fellow at the French-led INSEAD global business school, published the unique Intelligence Capital Index for 128 countries that aimed to gauge the ability of countries to capitalize on the knowledge economy by assessing their environments for education, creativity and talent attraction.

The first five countries in the INSEAD roster were the US, UK, Germany, Australia and Singapore.

Iran, which frequently boasts of its unique education capabilities, ranked 82nd with a score of 25.53 [or simply a C-] in the Intelligence Capital Index.

For the ranking of 128 countries, the ICI had taken into consideration the education outcomes both in terms of quantity and quality, while emphasising quality. It measured cognitive skills at different stages of the human lifecycle, again with an emphasis on top (elite) performance. It also included migration as an important external channel for countries to acquire and develop human capital.

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