Thursday, 16 January, 2020

Iran Retakes World’s Pistachio Top Place from United States

Iran has retaken its former position as the largest producer of pistachio in the world, knocking United States off this spot.

‘Iran’s pistachio production rose by around 20 to 30 thousand tons in 2015 , led the country to retake its former position as the largest producer of pistachio in the world from United States.’  Tasnim News Agency quoted chairman of the Iranian dried fruits exporters union as saying.

‘Iran’s total pistachio production in 2015 reached between 220 to 230 thousand tons.’ Mohammad-Hassan Shamsfard added.

‘Of this production, 30 thousand tons is consumed domestically every year and around 150 to 160 thousand tons is exported’.  He indicated.

Shamsfard told: ‘U.S pistachio production this year has estimated to be 180 thousand tons, less than Iran compared with the past two years. So, we have re-taken our former position as the world’s largest producer of pistachio.’

Shamsfard also said that Iran still holds the first place in pistachio export due to the fact that the US domestic market consumes most of its pistachio production.

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