Wednesday, 16 March, 2016

Iran Should React to Turkey’s Political Disrespect


By Alireza Ghofrani

Erdoğan delivered a baseless speech before traveling to Iran. Due to such disrespect, there was negative atmosphere in Iran and some tried to postpone his travel to Iran. In this respect, I wrote an article and believed that let him come and then talk to him directly.

Today we notice that Erdogan’s advisor gave such a baseless speech and Turkey’ Presidential Spokesperson inevitably said to Iran’s ambassador to Turkey “this is not the opinion of Administration.” Although his advisor does not have any executive position but his maneuvering has some important meanings: using such words regarding the relations with its neighboring countries like Iran exactly two weeks before Erdogan’s travel to Iran.

It is interesting that Erdogan’s spokesperson told Iran’s ambassador about boosting the relationship. In other words, he has tried to disregard such an important issue but of course they have perfectly used such policies.

It seems that Iran’s ambassador should have written a note about such disrespect because he is Iran’s representative, protecting its interests. Iran should adopt a logical and sensible policy to avoid happening such disrespect again. No need to let them say whatever they think it is good. It is Erdogan’s fault which has led the region into such chaos. Today Turkey is getting isolated and testing some baseless foreign policies.

It stands to reason that Erdogan, whether as Prime Minister or as the President, has forged a relationship with Israel. No doubt he has adopted such policies towards Iran.

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