Saturday, 01 February, 2020

Iran slams distortion of Persian Gulf’s name by S. Korean Defense Ministry

“Based on which knowledge and justifications is South Korea seeking to dispatch military forces to this region when its Defense Ministry doesn’t even know the historic name of ‘Persian Gulf’?” Mousavi tweeted on Wednesday in both Persian and Korean.

“Mutual respect and acceptance of realities are the basis of ties between civilized nations,” he added.

The remarks come as Seoul announced that it will dispatch troops to the Strait of Hormuz but will not join a US-led coalition.

The forces will not join a US-led coalition but conduct independent operations to help protect Korean vessels passing through the strategic waterway against piracy, Yonhap quoted the Korean defense ministry as saying, apparently in consideration of relations with Tehran.

Earlier on Monday, Mousavi had described South Korea’s measure as unacceptable. “The Korean government has informed us that it wants to dispatch a part of its fleet in Aden to the region (Persian Gulf) for patrolling mission, but outside the US coalition, and we have told them that the decision is unacceptable.”

He underlined that such a decision, if implemented, will be in line with the US adventurism policy and does not fit the age-old and friendly relations between Tehran and Seoul.

Iran has repeatedly announced that the presence of foreign forces in the region will lead to increased insecurity and instability. Tehran has proposed the HOPE initiative which aims to ensure regional security through boosting cooperation among regional states.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson has taken issue with South Korea’s reference to the Persian Gulf as the Arab-Persian Gulf.

On Twitter on Tuesday, Abbas Mousavi criticized the South Korean Defense Ministry for deciding to send troops to the region when it “doesn’t even know the historical name of the body of water.”

Mousavi said mutual respect and accepting facts are the basis for relations between civilized nations.

The comments came after Seoul announced its decision to expand operational areas of its anti-piracy unit “from the Gulf of Aden to the Gulf of Oman and the Arab-Persian Gulf,” as part of efforts to help protect vessels passing through the Strait of Hormuz.

Although the decision to conduct independent operations apart from a U.S.-led coalition in the strait apparently reflects Seoul’s consideration of its relations with Tehran, Iran has expressed concern over the decision.

Iran is also particularly sensitive about the naming of the body of water between its border and the Arabian Peninsula, which is often referred to as the Arabian Gulf by the United States and some media outlets despite its international designation as the Persian Gulf.

Some salient points are mentioned in the following:

  • Seoul desires to change the historical name of the Persian Gulf by itself. Does the Korean government know anything about the Japanese Sea?
  • If the Korean government does not know the exact name of the Persian Gulf, with what justification does it intend to deploy a military force there?
  • The Korean government would rather send troops to continue occupying Takeshima Island instead of sending troops to the Persian Gulf!
  • History attests that the Persian Gulf has been the cemetery of its invaders. Just see what happened to English troops. It’s an eye-opener for Koreans. Persian Gulf is NOT Taksimima!
  • The Persian Gulf may not be bigger than the Japanese Sea, but its name has always shone in history.
  • Korea’s illusion of renaming the Persian Gulf should remind them of the Sea of Japan and the island of Takeshima.
  • We urge the Korean troops, being deployed to the Persian Gulf to think about the security of the Japanese Sea.
  • Koreans know that the Persian Gulf is never Taksimima. Read history to learn about the fate of England and Portugal.
  • Korean forces should consider protecting their country’s interests in Seoul and the Japanese Sea. The Persian Gulf is the historic abode of people of the region.
  • In honor of the Korean Ministry of Defense, let’s repeat: Japan Sea / Takeshima Island
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