Sunday, 15 September, 2019

Iran to become industrialized within 10 years

Iran will become an industrialized country within 10 years with the help of the current government’s economic diplomacy, An Iranian MP says.

“Government’s economic diplomacy, being in operation after the success of political diplomacy, has aimed to attract foreign investors, to update industrial technologies and to improve quality and productivity. Such diplomacy will change Iran into an industrialized country as soon as possible.” Kamalodin Pirmoazen, a member of parliament’s Industry and Mining Commission told IRNA.

He added: “There is no doubt that Iran will get industrialized through the good will of Rouhani Administration as well as if sanctions lifted, resulting in more national wealth.”

“According to the government’s decision, the country no longer will be the terminal of international imported goods. Iran will be joined into the list of the developed countries by using international well-known brands and updating its current industrial technologies.” Pirmoazen mentioned.

He also considered Iran’s cheap workforce and gas resources as privileges for industrialization and said: “The privileged position of Iran in the region besides its future market with more than 120 million people can fulfill such a dream.”

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