Sunday, 20 September, 2020

Iran to ‘decisively’ counter potential arms embargo extension

Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi says Iran will serve a “decisive response” to potential extension of an arms embargo against it that is legally bound to expire under its nuclear agreement with world powers.

“Iran will serve an appropriate and decisive response to such a measure,” Mousavi told a press conference in Tehran on Monday, referring to potential submission of Iran’s case to the United Nations Security Council and likely extension of the embargo.

He, however, hoped for such a prospect not to come about, adding, “We are waiting to see the direction in which the circumstances are going to develop, and will then act based on them and deliver a response.”

The United States has expressed a resolve to have the embargo on sales of conventional weapons to Iran prolonged, although the ban is to expire by October under the 2015 nuclear deal. Washington is legally prohibited from taking such action as it left the deal in May 2018.

Mousavi reminded that the US was no longer a party to the agreement that is officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

“The US has a historical record of non-commitment to its international obligations,” he said. “[Its actions concerning] the JCPOA manifest one of its unilateral approaches, which showed it is a regime that does not believe in the rule of law and international regulations, and is the biggest violator of those regulations.”

‘US approach disturbs intl. order’

The US’s current attitude “is dangerous and disturbs the international order,” the spokesman said.

Washington sought to negate the nuclear accord’s achievements, including the expected expiration of the arms embargo, by illegally withdrawing from the deal, he noted.

However, the Islamic Republic neutralized the US’s policy of “maximum pressure” through the resistance that was put up by the Iranian nation, the country’s policy of “resistive economy,” and its cooperation with its traditional partners and neighbors, Mousavi said.

Tehran is “certain” that Washington would fall short of its objective because “the world is far from likely to cave in to the US’s bullying,” he stated.

US interference with regional security

The Islamic Republic “essentially does not recognize” the US’s regional presence, especially its military presence in the Persian Gulf, and “considers it a means of interference with Iran and the region’s security and stability,” the official said.

He cited various cases of dangerous and provocative maneuvering by American military vessels in the waters that have warranted words of caution by Iranian military forces.

The Islamic Republic is prepared to “deliver necessary warnings in serious cases” to the US through both Iran’s mission to the UN and the Swiss Embassy in Tehran that represents Washington’s’ interests.

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