Tuesday, 14 January, 2020

Iran unveils new human-like robot

Iran unveiled a home-made human-like robot dubbed ‘Sorena 3’ on Monday during a ceremony attended by vice-president for Science and Technology, Sourena Sattari.


The robot is produced by Tehran University experts, the official IRIB news agency reported Nov. 16.


The manager of the project, Aghil Yousefi-Koma, said that “Sorena 3” is a third-generation human robot manufactured in Iran.


He said that the robot is able to analyze various data sources, face movements, detect objects and move on steep surface.


“Sorena 3” is also able to walk the stairs and communicate with people.


It was also noted that “Sorena 3” is also almost 10 times faster than robots of the two previous generations. The project took 4 years to complete, with a 70-member team working on it.


Iran originally made the “Sorena 1” model robot in 2008, which was followed by “Sorena 2”, released in 2011.

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(Images: Samira Shariatmadari, YJC)

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  1. Pooya

    November 16, 2021 at 11:18 am

    Damaging such a mouth-filling visually appealing robot with a silly national ID cart. Whose idea was it?

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