Monday, 27 March, 2017

Iran vs Saudi Arabia

By: Bobbie

There is a photo being shared on social media such as Facebook and Twitter conveying an important message, including the superiority of Iran in comparison with Saudi Arabia.
In the photo, Iran stood on its science, technology, history, and so on but Saudi Arabia only on his dollars! It means that a country dependent on its history and science is much greater than a country on its money.
As everyone knows, Iran is an ancient country with brilliant history but on the contrary, Saudi Arabia was a savage and barbaric country before Islam. After coming of Islam, they thrived. They used to eat lizards and some insects!
With respect to Islam, Iranians developed and introduced Islam to the world. Iranian-Islamic scholars are some of them. The world knows well them and remembers their great achievements. In the other words, Saudi Arabia tries to show another version of Islam to the world which is savagery and aggression but Iran has striven to depict Islam as the religion of kindness and mercy as what it is. Iranians left their own religion to embrace Islam. But unfortunately, these days, the western media try to portray Islam as a religion of war, beheading, aggression, and oppression. Iran’s influence and role in the region is to fight with both terrorism and extremism, conveying the same concept and meaning.
Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of terrorism and extremism. Slogan of Iran has always been peace, freedom and independence. Iran has never beheaded anyone. There is one point that should not be missed; namely, Iran has been under pressure for many years but Saudi Arabia has always been an ally of United States, Israel, and the western countries. We stand on our own, saying “Independence, Freedom, Islamic Republic of Iran.”
As the pic shows, Iran has proved the world the superiority of its science, technology, and history. Why have these countries regarded Iran as their serious threat? Is there any attack against them during the history? It was Saudi attacked Iran years of yore not Iran. Why are they in fear of Iran’s nuclear program? I barely know the answers of such questions. Iran can control and secure the Middle East as well as creating lots of opportunities, bringing prosperity and development for the region.
As a conclusion, whether Saudi and other Arabic countries want or not, Iran has always been a great country not only in the Middle East but in the world. Its influence in the region is undeniable. As United States’ experts and analysts believe, without the presence of Iran, ISIS and other extremist groups in the region and the world will not be disappeared. Islamic Republic of Iran has proved that six world powers as well as other countries should choose the option of negotiation not any others. In the other words, all options are no longer on the table of United Sates and its allies. Due to peaceful nature of Iranians, they are used to being peacefully talked. During Iran-Iraq War, despite of all kinds of assistance to Saddam, the world tried to subdue Iranians but we turned out to be heroes.

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