Sunday, 12 January, 2020

Iranian Aid Ship

While Iranian aid ship is underway to Yemen for humanitarian help, some Saudi officials have claimed that Iranian ship will be berthed in case of a full inspection. Iranian aid ship left Bandar Abbas to Port of Hodeidah (Al Hudaydah) and is now underway to Indian Ocean. But spokesperson of Saudi-led coalition has threatened that Iranian ship will be berthed if they let us inspect it fully and carefully.

Iranian officials have produced a reaction to such threats. Gen. Masoud Jazayeri, Deputy of Iran’s Joint Chiefs of Staff warned that if Iranian ship were to get targeted, spark of war would be imminent.  Moreover, Iran’s Navy Commander announced that such a ship has the necessary license and no one can attack it.

Saudi Arabia has repeatedly bombarded Yemen, resulting in humanitarian catastrophe as well as preventing from sending any aid. Some days ago, Saudi Fighters pounded Yemeni airport to prevent Iranian plane from landing.

It seems that regarding to Iranian serious threats, if Saudi Arabia chose to take any illogical actions against the ship, they should face its dire consequences. Therefore, Saudi officials, who kindled the fire of war in the region, will face Iran’s reactions in the case of any intervention and they themselves are the responsible of any possible consequences.

Certainly, Iranian people and Army, who cannot be compared to innocent Yemenis, will respond to any confrontations. They will jeopardize the existence of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia made a strategic mistake by attacking Yemen and bombarding innocent Yemenis. But the biggest mistake is the prevention from sending any aid and the probable confrontation with Iranians leading to serious challenges for them. Consequently, they wisely should not let their western allies and Israel decide in behalf of them.

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