Wednesday, 15 January, 2020

Iranian book awarded silver in Eurasian Literary Awards

“The Dead of Green Garden”, written by Mohammadreza Bairami and translated into Russian by Alexander Androshkin, scooped up the silver prize in 2014 Eurasian Literary Awards.

Eurasian Literary Awards, sponsored by Union of Eurasian literary innovations, aims to encourage talented writers in various fields of literature and foster the cultures of the Eurasian countries.

The novel, which is set in Tabriz, chronicles incidents during the Azerbaijan People’s Government, a short-lived Soviet puppet government in northern Iran from November 1945 to November 1946, from the viewpoint of a reporter named Balash and his son Amir-Hossein. Bairami’s historical novel “The Dead of Green Garden” was recently chosen as one of the top ten titles of the 27th International Moscow Book Fair that ran from September 3 to September 7.

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