Thursday, 24 September, 2020

Iranian brothers win ”European Youth Award 2015”

Two Iranian brothers living in Sweden won the ”European Youth Award 2015” for their invention  ”Complex Disease Detector”.

Allen Ali Mohammadi, student at the Master Programme in Energy Technology, toghether with his brother Max Mohammadhassan Mohammadi, were selected as one of the 13 winners among candidates from 49 European Countries.

The brothers also got the SKAPA-scholarship for development of the same innovation, Complex Disease Detector, also known as CAD Detector.

CAD Detector is a decision support tool. It helps screen and diagnose complex diseases such as cancer and heart diseases at a significantly earlier stage by using artificial intelligence together with visualizing the clinically relevant data.


It is expected that the tool will have a great impact on global health whilst generating massive values in terms of increasing quality of life and saving time and cost.

“The specialization in innovation and entrepreneurship at ENTECH has played an important role in different stages of this project,” said Mohammadi. “I’m definitely going to continue working on this. In fact, I have already registered a limited company in Sweden recently in order to take our innovation to the market.”

The results were announced at Tessinska Palace in Stockholm and the award was presented by Chris Heister the Stockholm county council.


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