Sunday, 12 January, 2020

Iranian five-star luxury train to host German tourists

A group of German tourists, on board a luxury train, is set to travel around Iran in the coming days.

83 German tourists would arrive in Tabriz, the capital city of East Azerbaijan Province, in early October for a six-day trip.

The tourists then would be transferred by a luxury five-star train called ‘life train’.


Life (Zendegi in Persian) train is scheduled to leave Tabriz on October 6 and will journey through Zanjan, Tehran, Isfahan and Yazd before making its final stop in Shiraz, IRNA reported.

In April, the luxury train started carrying passengers in Tehran-Mashhad railroad route. This high speed train has the capacity of transferring 250-300 travelers and provides different entertainment and cultural facilities.


“The Germans will fly to Tabriz from Turkey, and once their train journey ends in Shiraz, they will fly back to Germany via Tehran,” said Simin Mizani, director of travel services at Raja.

She said Raja and the Turkish travel agency signed a two-year cooperation agreement last week to conduct similar tours on a regular basis.


This is the second time in less than a month that a group of German tourists visit Iran. Last week, 34 German tourists on board a private charter plane visited Iran for a 4-day tour.

Several tours have given a boost to the Iran’s rail tourism in recent months, which culminated in this month’s signing of an agreement between an Iranian company and three Austrian firms to establish the first-ever tourism train between the two states.


Iran’s vice president for tourism, Masoud Soltanifar, has said the country’s capacity for rail tourism will double in the near future.

According to Soltanifar, the country plans to generate $30 billion of revenues from tourism by 2025.


Nearly 20 million foreign tourists will probably visit Iran within the next five years.

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