Wednesday, 15 January, 2020

Iranian Innovation Changes Beuk to Lamborghini

This may be surprising for the Italian automaker company and at the same time garner their applause, since a genius in Iran’s north-eastern province of Khorasan in Iran has made the car with bare hands in his local garage.

We found the maestro quite unexpectedly when he contacted Dadmehr International Sponsorship group from Mashhad to communicate what he had made; at the first look, this seemed ludicrous and we were at first incredulous of the news of his creature: the Lamborghini made with bare hands.

Mohammad Reza Reihani, the genius in question, has designed and manufactured the car in his local garage and with his hands; this is not a fake plastic assembly of loose parts to deceive and to inspire doubt as to the originality of what it is; this is a real Aventador newly made in Iran.

Dadmehr International Sponsorship group is a sponsorship group based in Tehran, and has acquired the rights, for one year, to sell, attract investment on, and branding for the car. The group will officially represent Mr. Mohammad Reza Reihani in any legal and financial agreement.

Dadmehr International Sponsorship group has planned to widely advertise for the car through an Iran’s Peace Ambassador Initiative. The car, aptly called the ‘Persian Gulf,’ will be in a nationwide 16-day tour September 6-22, 2015 (International Day of Peace is marked by the UN on September 21).

The original Italian Aventador is priced at $397,500; it is estimated to be priced at more than Iranian Rials 60,000,000,000 in current exchange rate.

The car has been investigated by Dadmehr International Sponsorship group’s experts and officials. They found it strikingly the same as Italian Aventador from every angle; the chassis is well-built by Mr. Riahi and a 12-cylender linear engine would be mounted on the chassis to turn it into a powerful giant seeking to be rival for Italian predecessor.

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