Friday, 17 January, 2020

Iranian official: Turkey opposes US sanctions against Iran

Turkish officials and businessmen have stated that they neither accept nor implement US sanctions against Iran, Iran-Turkey Joint Chamber of Commerce Director General of Iran-Turkey Chamber of Commerce Seyed Jalal Ebrahimi said, ISNA reported.

Ebrahimi noted that over the last 10 days various statements of Turkish officials and businessmen have been published via Turkish media.

In case if trade with neighbouring states expands and markets get thoroughly analyzed, then it would be possible to lower transports expenditures in markets, Ebrahimi said.

He went on to say that development can be seen in Asian markets if customer demands are considered at the first place.

That’s why, Ebrahimi continued, Iran should introduce its produсts in various foreign countries while sending trade representatives to study the their markets and their demand for Iranian products.

Ebrahimi noted that most of Turkey’s oil and gas exports are supplied by Iran and in case if these supplies stop, Turkey will undergo serious damage.

That’s why, Turkey has been opposing sanctions, he said.

Plans of the US to stop Iran from exporting oil and gas will fail due to the facts that Iran continues to act according to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and the US themselves exempted China, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Taiwan, India and Greece from implementing the sanctions, said Ebrahimi.

Ebrahimi went on to say that Iran has rich oil deposits and it is impossible to incapacitate such a key energy provider.

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