Sunday, 09 August, 2020

Iranian people’s sympathy for victims of Paris attacks in photos

Iranian People placed flowers and candles outside the ‪French‬ embassy in ‪‎Tehran‬ on November 14 to pay tribute to the victims of the deadly attacks in ‪Paris‬.

120 to 150 people died and 200 more sufferred as a result of a series of Friday’s attacks in Paris. According to unconfirmed data, the ISIS terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Iranian president Hassan ‎Rouhani, on Saturday, strongly condemned deadly attacks in ‪‎Paris‬, branding them “crimes against humanity” in a message to his French counterpart Francois ‪‎Hollande.

“In the name of the Iranian people, who have themselves been victims of terrorism, I strongly condemn these crimes against humanity and offer my ‪condolences‬ to the grieving French people …and government,” Rouhani wrote.


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(All photos by Borna Ghasemi, ISNA)

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