Friday, 26 January, 2018

Iranian philanthropy in recent earthquakes


Necessary of Provide supplies for victims of recent earthquake was the point Again revealed unity, communion and participation of people in critical moments. A commendable effort of the proud Iranian nation is balm for victims of this painful incident.

This position in our society in terms of beliefs, belief in divine promises as well as people-oriented culture and generosity is always facing people. Welcome and please feel inner peace and tranquility of the good people is indescribable. Once again the greatness of the Iranian people in efforts to help fellow showed to the world Ordinary people with all segments of society, including officials, athletes, artists, medical society, and … Great scenes from the culture, morality and humanity displayed.

Iranian people from the first hours of the earthquake magnitude 6.2 earthquake were prepared to help with donations of food and beverage preparation and in urban and rural areas that were damaged due to earthquake Were distributed to the poem “human are members of one body” in practice to prove. Fortunately, with high ambition and loyalty of the people, the citizens of these tests were passed to show a bit of responsibility in critical condition to their home soil will not be short.

Sending hundreds of trucks and food relief items and medicalMobilized more than 3,500 relief workers, medical teams and relief appearances, sending relief supplies, including 130 ambulances, buses, hospitals, the media for the first time images and events … Corner of the Iranian efforts to heal the sufferings of the affected people of Azerbaijan.

Five days after the incident bitter and unforgettablePeople stillby collecting donations are Pioneer heal the pain of the accident victims.And every day, aid is more and more. People helping their fellow human task as they believed that in such situations should be alongside compatriots who have lost their homes, and had fulfilled his duty.

.From the first hours of the news of the loss of blood supply in hospitals was stricken areas. This resulted in social networks, particularly Facebook and Twitter, grassroots movement of citizens to donate blood to the victims. In this context, several pages and posts to encourage people to go to the Red Cross blood centers and blood donation was written actually launched a virtual campaign. Many people in various cities, including Tehran, the Caspian littoral cities, and Isfahan, Ahvaz, Shiraz and Kurdish areas join to this movement.

According to eyewitness reports, the equality of citizens reported in the page,the move was apparently so widespread many donation sites in different cities, with massive amounts of clients are met. Photos of the influx of people to donate blood to the Red Cross blood centers in Tehran have been released about the blood donation center.

Community sport and art also began to the earthquake survivors and to attend a balm for their endless pain Esteghlal Club will rebuild a village destroyed and the Piroozi Club also announced that part of the contract will be awarded earthquake victims of Azerbaijan.The Ehsan Haddadi, Qasem Rezaei Hamid Severi, and many Olympic champions have announcedthey have presented their medals stricken and cash and non-athletes will be added to the end of the week.Sports men these days have their hands to bring humanitarian aid to the stricken.

People in the East Azerbaijan province earthquake faster than the authorities would take action that reflects friendship between the people of the country.People are always at the forefront of all the different scenes of public officials.This suggests that their consciousness of social issuesFastest time to do the necessary actions.

At the end of the Ramadan month to pay Zakat Ftryh reception of God’s divine teachings of Islam based on who is mature, intelligent and alert and not the poor is obligatory. To his family and those who are under the Ftryh Zakat, Zakat is obligatory on those who per-capita Due to the proximity of Eid and to Ftryh obligatory religious beliefs, many declared that Zakat Ftryh Azerbaijan will spend their earthquake relief.The same payment assistance to Azerbaijan peoples another reason to prove deep understanding and perception of the people. Understand the terms and conditions of service and charity donation and your blood even of any assistance do not hesitate.

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