Sunday, 10 February, 2019

Iranians Abroad to be Welcomed in their Homeland


The Iranian government is trying to persuade Iranians abroad to travel to their homeland more than before.

“There were already some excuses and problems that caused a decrease in comings and goings of Iranians abroad, but the problems were examined and a very good resolution was approved by order of the President Rouhani.” Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs Hassan Qashghavi told Iran Broadcasting.

Referring to those Iranians who have dual nationality, Qashghavi added:  “Despite the fact that Iran’s legal system follows ‘single nationality’ and a person’s Iranian nationality is of importance, but from now on it is not necessary to investigate Iranians of their other nationality or passport when entering the country.”

“Our criterion is based on Iranian passport. The main condition for entering to the country is to have an Iranian passport, stamped on entry and exit. Airport officials, from any agencies, in no way are not allowed to confiscate Iranians’ passports and to investigate the details of their other nationality.” He told.

Qashghavi added: “To enter the country, every certificate showing and proving a person’s Iranian nationality is enough.”

He stressed that Rouhani Administration pays special attention to Iranians living abroad.

“The Iranians abroad are around six to seven million and I recommend those living in the United States to be a bridge between two different cultures and civilizations. I do believe that they can play their role in making cultural and human relationships between Iran and the United States as perfectly as possible.”

The official called on Iranians abroad to invest in their homeland: “There is no need to be physically present in Iran. If Iranians abroad want to have a constructive and effective role in their country, they can invest their money from where they live.”

“I think that more than 97% of Iranians have no problems in entering to the country and only around 2 or 3 percent of them maybe have some cases in courts.” He said.

A significant number of Iranians have emigrated abroad over the past years. They have kept their contact with their homeland and a majority of them even participate in presidential election.

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