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Iranians Distribute Free Food during the Ashura

The Iranians used the ancient Persian tradition of “Nazr” (distributing free foods among the people) to cook Nazri (charity food) in Muharram and the Day of Ashura.

It’s an ancient Persian tradition that the people cook food and give it to others, including the poor, friends and family, in their ceremonies.

This charity food or free food, is called Nazri. In fact, Iranians donate food and call it Nazr. The Nazri foods in Muharram are Iranian foods like Gheimeh, Ghorme Sabzi, Morgh, Kebab, Adas Polo, and many other local foods. But the main food or Nazri in Muharram is “Gheymeh” that is also called “Gheimeh Ashura” or “Gheymeh Nazri”.

In Muharram and in Ashura days, you can see people who line up to get Nazri foods. They do it because Nazri foods are very delicious.

Many irreligious people and those who are non-Muslim eat Nazri food in Ashura day, only because it’s very delicious. Some say: “The Ashura day is like a festival of food. Many are in the streets and enjoy foods and seeing each other’s in the streets. In fact, it’s like what has happened to the religious days in the US and other parts of the world.

In Ashura day, you can see the ordinary boys and girls that have a Nazri food in their hands, or eat Nazri foods with each other’s, and are happy and enjoy their day.

What is Ashura?

The Day of Ashura is the 10th day of Muharram and marks the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, the third shia Imam.

1372 years ago on the 10th day of the Month of Muharram, Imam Husayn, grandson of Prophet Muhammad and son of Imam Ali and his 71 supporters were killed in Karbala, Iraq by 30,000-man army of Yazid ibn Muaviye. Imam Husayn’s family was then captured by Yazid’s army and exiled to Sham.

In some Shi’a regions of Muslim countries such as Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain, and Pakistan, the Commemoration of Imam Hussain has become a national holiday and most ethnic and religious communities participate in it.Even in predominantly Hindu majority but secular country like India, Ashura is a public holiday”.

The Day of Ashura is also commemorated by Sunni Muslims (who also refer to it as The Day of Atonement) as the day on which the Israelites were freed from Pharoah of Egypt.

Ashura day is the most tragic day for all Muslims, in particular Shi’as.

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