Monday, 24 August, 2020

Iranians take strict COVID-19 measures to perform Muharram mourning rituals

Iranians have begun performing Muharram mourning ceremonies while taking strict COVID-19 health protocols, such as practicing social distancing and wearing protective masks.

Muharram, one of the most important months on the Islamic calendar, coincides with the martyrdom anniversary of the third Shia leader, Imam Hossein, and his companions, some 14 centuries ago, who were martyred in modern day Iraqi city of Karbala by the forces of the 2nd Umayyid caliph, Yazid.

Every year, during the first ten days of this month, mourning Muslims get dressed in black, erect mourning tents and participate in mass processions to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussein.

This year, however, the mourning rituals must be performed under strict COVID-19 health protocols to combat the spread of the contagious disease, which is raging across the globe.

The accompanying pictures show Iranians as they have begun performing the mourning rituals, while strictly practicing social distancing and wearing protective masks, since Friday, the first day of Muharram.

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