Iran’s Always Been Safe, Even Before Nuclear Deal

By: M.H. Broomand

UK Foreign Office issued a statement on Saturday, lifting an official warning against all but essential travel to Iran.

According to UK Foreign Office,  almost all of Iran is now marked ‘green’ in the government’s foreign travel advice and British tourists can visit Iran without any problems from now on, though border areas with Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan remain ‘red’, a warning against all travel.

Such a statement was issued just a few days after Iran and P5+1 stroke a deal in Vienna by which Iran’s nuclear sanctions will be lifted in return for imposing some limitations on it.

Although this position shows that UK has taken a positive step towards Iran and it will increase Britons’ interest to visit Iran, it seems as if Iran was not safe before the nuclear deal and now it is!

British writer and cyclist woman, Lois Pryce, traveled 3000 miles via motorcycle around Iran to discover the real Iran

Meanwhile, during recent days after the nuclear deal, neither the approaches of Iranian officials to tourism have been changed nor any shift in securing foreign tourists in Iran has taken place. In addition, since a long time ago, when Dr. Rouhani held office, Iranian government made all its efforts to facilitate entry of tourists to Iran.

Iran is the same country having one of the best security systems in the Middle East and many tourists visited the country over past years without getting into any troubles. Iran only has tried to reduce concerns of international communities towards its nuclear program. Definitely, this deal is not able to bring dramatic changes to Iran’s security situations within only some days.

As a lone female motorbiking around Iran, Lois Pryce went on a three-week tour of the country in September 2014.

So what is the aim of the UK’s recent statement? This statement can prove that prior to nuclear deal, UK officials had a political and tendentious approach towards several issues such as tourism and nuclear program itself and considered them as political and security problems, though, they, per se, were not problems.

Now, after the nuclear deal reached, British officials changed their own positions and approaches towards some issues like security in Iran due to high potentials of the country’s financial and economic market. They are in afraid of being disregarded among other rivals regardless of what they did during last years.

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