Monday, 13 January, 2020

Iran’s Coolest Hotel: Barin Ski Resort

If you were to ask a visitor to describe the Barin Ski Resort in one word, the answer would likely be “white”.

The Barin Ski Resort was designed in 2008 by Abbas Riahi Fard and Farinaz Razavi Nikoo of RYRA Studio to create a unique dialogue between architecture and nature.

Barin is located in the heart of Alborz mountains just about 1 kilometer from the Shemshak ski resort ,the second largest ski area in Iran after Dizin and about 55 minutes drive from Tehran

The studio designed the resort with snow-covered landscapes in mind, and for this reason Barin Ski Resort features pockets of natural lighting, smooth white walls and streamlined furniture.

Barin’s architecture is significantly unique and the breathtaking exterior is also matched by a stunning interior. The hotel has curved structures on the exterior which give guests a spectacular view of the landscape that surrounds the resort.

The architects were inspired by igloos, but instead of ice blocks they used topographic layers which are put on each other to create a domical shape.

The total area of the hotel is only 60 sq. m.





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  1. farnbag

    February 4, 2022 at 8:23 pm

    it looks cool but feels also cool.
    yo wanna have a warm comfort room after skiing.

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