Friday, 24 February, 2017

Iran’s first hotel made of palm trees to be opened soon


Iran’s first hotel made of palm trees logs is set to be opened within next weeks in southwestern province of Kerman.

According to Iranian local media, tourists who travel to province of Kerman can enjoy staying at the new hotel dubbed ‘Kapar’ or local thatched shelters.

The first ever Kapar hotel in Iran will be opened in the city of Qaleh Ganj, Kerman Province, within two weeks, Mohammad Jahanshahi, the director of Kerman Province’s tourism department told the Mehr News Agency.

“Kapar has been made according to regional architecture and climate”, he said, adding that the hotel is comprised of 31 Kapars in a field, which accommodates 60 guests.

“The hotel has a reception unit. The rooms are decorated with local handicrafts and have separated bathrooms,” Jahanshahi explained.

“We urge travel agencies to introduce the hotel to Iranian as well as those foreign tourists who are planning to visit Kerman,” he said.

Jahanshahi named Delfard valley, Jiroft historical city, Zargham Castle in Kahnuj and the inland basin of Hamun-e Jaz Murianan as tourist attractions of the region.

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