Saturday, 14 April, 2018

Iran’s first shipment of carpets delivered in Los Angeles


Iran says the first shipment of Persian hand-woven carpets has been exported to the Los Angles, United States.

“Iranian handwoven carpets have retaken the route to old and traditional markets and the first export shipment of the product was delivered in Los Angles through the port of Hamburg.” Head of the Iranian National Carpet Center, Hamid Kargar told Mehr News on Friday.

Kargar referred to the licensing of Iranian carpet exports to America as a result of the implementation of  Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

He further asserted that over the past few years, our competitors have taken the lead managing to gain a good share of US carpet market; “according to the US customs statistics, India has become number one exporter of carpet to the Unites States,” he noted.

Kargar further emphasized the possible changes in tastes and needs of customers over the past years and called for important measures to provide a large and long term market for Iranian carpets including observing and analyzing needs of the market, clever advertising of the Persian Carpet brand as well as careful monitoring of rivals’ activities.

“We would not expect the American market to create a miracle or bring about a huge rise in export figures, rather we seek to achieve a reasonable growth in the exports of Persian carpets,” underlined the official adding “the abolition of economic sanctions is also promising for boosting exports of the product due to reduction in transport and insurance expenditures.”

Image: Alex Helmi, owner of Damoka, receives his first shipment of rugs from Iran. The nuclear deal allows shipments to come to the U.S. once again. (Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times)

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