Monday, 06 April, 2020

Iran’s general Soleimani reacts to his rumored injury

The commander of Iran’s Quds Force, Major General Qasem Soleimani responded to rumors claiming that he has been injured severely in Syria.

Speaking in his office in Tehran on Sunday, General Soleimani denied his rumored injury near Syria’s Aleppo with a chuckle, saying that his fervent wish to be martyred has not still come true.

“These (injuries and martyrdom) are things that I have travelled plains and mountains to find.” Soleimani said.

He made the comments in an exclusive interview with Alwaght news in Tehran.

The comments came after reports that the top general has been injured in fighting against terrorists near Aleppo, Syria.

On Wednesday, AFP quoted a security source as saying that General Soleimani “was injured a few days ago” in an offensive in the southwest of Aleppo province.

Elsewhere in the interview, the top general commented on the death of veteran Iranian diplomat, Ghazanfar Roknabadi, in a crush of Hajj pilgrims in Saudi Arabia’s Mina, noting, “Martyrdom in Mina and after prayers in Arafat and revelation land for Mr. Roknabadi was a glorious end. He interpreted a new concept from diplomacy by real Jihad for God’s sake.”

Roknabadi played an outstanding role during Israeli offensive against Lebanon in 2006 (July war or 33Day war) and was a pillar to the country’s resistance, General Soleimani added.

The funeral procession of Iran’s former ambassador to Lebanon was held in Tehran on Friday.

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  1. Amir

    September 3, 2021 at 6:51 pm

    Brain is recognized in two ways, one with all mathematical formulas, and the other with ideas and foreseen visions. Mr. Soleimani has the later. He sees longer horizons that normal people can not. He is gifted. These types of gift only comes from above source, god. There are other people from other side who are afraid of his positive futuristic visions for Iran and Islam, so, eliminating him would be their outmost challenges. We all know ISIS is not god made phenomenal, it is man-made piece of garbage that need to be dealt through his sort of knowledge, not with mathematical formulas and equations. God bless him.

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