Tuesday, 14 January, 2020

“Iran’s Global Image Mostly Negative”

By: Broomand

“As the June 30 deadline for negotiations over its nuclear program approaches, a new Pew Research Center poll finds that attitudes toward Iran are mostly negative worldwide. Majorities or pluralities in 31 of 40 countries surveyed hold an unfavorable opinion of the Islamic Republic. And in several Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East and Asia, ratings have declined considerably in recent years.” These are statements of PEW’s recent poll about Iran.
As PEW said Iran’s position both in the region and in the world is in decline! So, how about Iran’s financial and political influence in the region? Will Iraq embrace security without Iran’s presence? As experts believe, the political influence of Iran has spread not only in the Middle East but also in the world.
How about Afghanistan? US troops defeated Taliban and Al-Qaeda with the help of Iranians. During recent months, Iran is the ONLY serious country trying to wipe away ISIS. Neither US nor any other country can devastate Islamic State without Iranian assistance. As American media wrote, Iran and United States have had indirect cooperation with each other. All are done through the formal request of Iraqi government.
Saudi and some other Arabic countries have been intimidated by Israel and its allies to produce a reaction against Iran’s deal with P5+1. I don’t know why such countries can be easily intimidated. Iran has nothing to do with Saudi. Both countries belong to Muslim community. Neither Iran nor nuclear Iran can harm Saudi or any other country; hence, they should seek for Iranophobia scenario in other counties such as Israel.
It is Israel, not United States, wanting to derail nuclear talks and show Iran as the serious threat to US national interests and to the world whereas Israel itself tries to bring the whole world into chaos. I do believe that publishing such news in the media has been done by Israeli government, media and allies which have been scary about the future of nuclear talks and depicted Iran as so-called “mostly negative country in the globe.”

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