Wednesday, 15 January, 2020

Iran’s largest Pedestrian Bridge Inaugurates in Tehran

The opening ceremony of the Iran’s largest pedestrian bridge called “Tabiat Bridge” (Nature Bridge) was held in Tehran attended by Tehran’s Mayor Mohammed-Baqer Qalibaf.

The 2,000-Ton Structure for the three-level pedestrian bridge been completed in less than two years.

Tabiat Bridge, linking Ab-o-Atash and Taleghani parks, has a unique structure designed by Leila Araghian

The design of this three-level pedestrian bridge is inspired by ancient Iranian architecture in which, bridge was not just a crossing path, linking 2 sides of a river or valley, but It was a place to stay, relax and enjoy beautiful views.

Diba Tensile Architecture based in Iran was the main architectural designer,consultant and construction supervisor of this project (

Tabiat bridge gives Tehrani people an opportunity to shake away their stress and exhaustion by just lingering their walk on the bridge and enjoy the marvelous view of whole Tehran.

In the preliminary design, the bridge consists of a main body that crosses over Moddares highway. There are several walkways spreading through Talegani Park that have access to the bridge. The curved body of the bridge in different heights, gives visitors countless views and perspectives.

This iconic pedestrian bridge is designed in 3 levels. The first level has a café gallery and a coffee shop

The second level is mainly designed for people who are crossing from one park to the other, they may be walking, biking, skating or riding on a horse carriage.

Finally, level three, or the stay zone, is a place to stay and sightsee. In the middle of the bridge there are stairs and ramps designed to get from one level to another. The ramps make all the levels of the bridge accessible for wheelchairs.

“Tabiat” bridge is a very complex structure. The tree-like columns and unsymmetrical curved body of the bridge made the engineering calculations even more complicated for Massimo Maffeis engineering team, but all in all a massive steel structure held by only 3 columns can take anyone’s breath away.

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