Wednesday, 19 February, 2020

Iran’s Shadravan bridge most ancient bridge in world

Shadravan Bridge, also known as Caesar Bridge, whose construction dates back to the Sassanid era, is said to be the most ancient bridge in the world.

 The bridge is located 300 metres south-west of Shushtar in southern Khuzestan province.

It is built on the main branch of Karun River, and now its ruins are seen beside Azadegan Bridge. With 44 arches, it is still used to lead Karun’s water into farms.

According to some eastern quotes, when the Sassanid king Shapur I enslaved the Roman Emperor Valerian, he forced him to build this bridge near Shushtar.

The bridge was registered on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites in 2009 as the 10th Iranian site in the list.

Via: IFPNews

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