Wednesday, 15 January, 2020

Iran’s Supreme Leader: I am in favor of a nuclear agreement to be reached

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei says he is in favor of a nuclear agreement that is to be reached, however, he stressed that he was against a ˈbad dealˈ.

The Supreme Leader made the remarks here Sunday when he received the commanders and staff members of the Iranian Air Force.

They were meeting the Supreme Leader to commemorate the day when they joined the ranks of the Islamic Revolution in 1979 against the Pahlavi regime.

ˈI am in favor of an agreement which is to be reached; of course I am opposed to a bad agreement,ˈ the Supreme Leader stated.

ˈThe Americans keep saying no deal is better than a bad deal; we also agree with that,ˈ he added.

ˈNo deal is better than a deal which would be in contradiction with the interests of our nation,ˈ the Leader reiterated.

ˈOur negotiators are trying to strip the enemy of the sanctions weapon; if they succeed so much the better; if they fail everyone should know there are numerous ways in the country to blunt this weapon,ˈ he noted.

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