Iran’s tempting market glitters for the foreign investors


After the Islamic revolution in Iran, we have seen the absence of many foreign companies and investors in Iran fearing radicalism and the strict laws of the government in the economy. Many American and European major companies could not continue their activities in the country and couldn’t adopt themselves with the new constitution and the new government which now it is called “Islamic Republic of Iran”.

Gradually, Iran has turned to one of the biggest consuming markets for China and other Asian countries including Korea, India, Malaysia, and Thailand. With every sanction that imposed, that could not be happier. That will force Iran to be bigger “Parasite” to provide what it needs from these countries regardless the quality. Many times we’ve heard about importing expired medicines or rotten and inedible food from neighboring countries.

Most Iranians believe that the past 3 years they have experienced the worst years of their lives regarding economic condition in which the price of US Dollar was tripled inside the country. Domestic production has severely increased and the government had lost its markets for oil and other products due to the large amount of sanctions imposed by the US and EU. That time coincided the second presidential period of Ahmadinejad, a radical member of the fundamentalist current, who has made himself lots of enemies inside and outside. His dogmatic view of the foreign relations caused many problems for his people and suddenly everything got out of control. Economic corruption which was the effect of the inflation started to grow bigger and even reached high ranked authorities.

Iraq also was a fresh and profiting market for many investors after 2003 and it was invaded by tons on companies and businessmen (including Iranians), Iran man have the chance to have a similar condition in 2014.

Now, Iranians with their new reformist president and the perspicacious foreign minister have achieved their long-lost hope in bright future by making a better foreign relations. The matter of Nuclear Talks became an important issue for people unlike what it used to be at the time of Ahmadinejad.

Businessmen from Europe have visited Iran in the last few months and they were eager on investing or running their business there. The US investors and companies could not miss this valuable opportunity and they started the first step with Boeing.

Arab investors also seized this opportunity to expand their business in a country that they were banned from dealing with for a long time. Omar Al-Ghadouri, the new executive manager of Rotana Hotels showing great interest in Iran stated that the country has got big markets for him and they wanted to be one of the pioneers in there. “We hope to see our first hotel in Iran by the end of 2015” he added.

It looks like “Iranphobia” is fading little by little with the great efforts of Rouhani administration to the extent that even their sworn enemies (Arabs) are trying to forget the past and all they care is to open a new leaf with the new market they’ve found and not to miss this great chance.

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