Wednesday, 15 January, 2020

“Iraqi Rambo”: “Abu-Israel” or Angel of Death

“Ayub Ali-Rabi” is the Iraqi soldier well known for fighting ISIS in a way that media named him as the ISIS’s nightmare. His pictures spread in social media while holding axes and gigantic war-knives and as he also prays to God. His major mission was to get inside ISIS group, maintaining information while he succeeded clearing more than 600 ISIS fighters during the mission. He fought in Syria against ISIS and then got back to Iraq fighting them, defending the Shiites’ holy shrines. The 40 years old ex-taxi driver and Taekwondo professional is the founder of “Imam Ali” battalion today. He is simple, religious, funny and at the same time fearless in fighting against ISIS which made his unique well-known personality loved by Iraqi people.

He was honored by the Iraqi people in Abbas Holy Shrine and met the Iranian Gen. Qasim Sulaimani lately.

Lately visiting Imam Reza Holy Shrine in Iran, he met several Iranians who are concerned about ISIS barbaric attacks and the situation of Iraqi people.

It is the holy month of Ramadan which we all pray to an end of the Muslim-Holocaust in Iraq and Syria.

You can search his videos and pictures online using #الا_طحین which means “Smash them”. He uses the phrase against ISIS

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