Tuesday, 14 January, 2020

Is granting a US visa a big problem?

By Abdolreza Ghofrani, Senior International Analyst     

Granting US visa to the citizens of other countries, including Iran, is a big problem applicants are still facing.

Just a few months back this author in a short essay had reaffirmed that “granting visa” is a non- negotiable part of the sovereignty of any country; and so every country is entitled, based on documents or reasons, granting visa to a foreigner or deny his or her application.

There are, however, exceptions or terms in the laws of the countries as well as in international standards on one side, and human dimensions on the other that all states cannot and need not ignore, or in better words , are obliged to observe, providing really wants  to be a part of this globalized world.

Moreover, we cannot but accept that looking into “granting visa” should not be merely political. Generally, over the past years and particularly through the past few months, the US policies in granting visas to other citizens and chiefly Iranians have been strange and implausible.

This has proved that concerned US authorities neither have least respected those standards nor consider these human aspects. This practice is being, regretfully, experienced all over the world for all walks of applicants.

There have been sick old people, intending to go seeing their children for the last time, Iranian physicians and scholars, who are invited by medical congresses, planning to present their brilliant papers and projects, distinguished students, receiving admission from top American universities, parents preparing to travel for the marriage of their children in the States just not for months but weeks or even days, finally sick people deciding to go for urgent surgery.

It is, however a source of regrets, that in majority of these cases, most applications of these people have been rejected for uncertain and sarcastic reasons by US Embassies or Consulate Generals in all parts of the world particularly in Central Asia and Persian Gulf regions.

Why?  There is apparently no one responsible in US Government to answer. More ridiculous is that in some occasion the numerous spokesmen of different several US agencies talk about “new facilities”!!!! in granting visas to applicants particularly Iranians students for different purposes.

Unfortunately, the ironic reasons given by some American authorities for their strict policies are just the protection of the security of their country!

It worthy to note how on earth the peoples in their late seventies or eighties, a well-known skilled surgeon conducting several operations every day and just wants to go to States for exchanging medical expertise, and a genius student after painstaking attempts reaching exalted level of knowledge wants to go for elevating his education can be a threat to the security of a big country, particularly that even a single Iranian has never ever been involved in non-security acts!!!!!

Of course it is natural that may be (repeat may be) more checks are required for touristic visa applicants but is there any logic for strict policies on the part of concerned US authorities for cases already mentioned? Or has it so far worked?

The US Government should know that it cannot be surrounded by high edifices severing relations with other peoples of the world. This is not certainly what American people seeking for. The harsh and extreme viewpoints of Republican candidate of US presidential race (providing he wins) will never come true. Because the present world public opinion will not accept it.

Has not the time come that US Government and its pertinent agencies look into this more realistically and in humanitarian ways that eventually serves her national interests too? Thus avoiding unreasonable sufferings of other people and prevent more hatred toward its own people.

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