Thursday, 16 January, 2020

Isfahan metro inaugurated

Isfahan became the fifth Iranian city to open an urban rail network.

According to Iranian media, the first phase of Isfahan metro Line 1 was opened to the public on October 15 at a ceremony attended by Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli.

On Thursday, public services began operating on the 11km northern section of metro Line 1 from Shohada in the city centre to Qods.


The first phase has 10 stations including an interchange with long-distance buses at Kaveh.

The second phase of the project will extend the line south to Azadi and Soffeh, and the city is also planning to construct two east-west lines.

Totally, the system consists of two lines: Line 1 is 12.5 km, 12 km of which is in tunnel, and has 15 stations, all underground. From Azadi station Line 2 starts underground and immediately after leaving the station runs on the surface towards the south-west as a regional light rail line. The total length of this line will be 43 km (0.7 km underground and 9.6 km elevated) with 13 stations. Ultimately, five lines are scheduled for the system.


Isfahan metro map

Construction on the Isfahan Urban Railway began in 2001 and originally was scheduled to open in 2005.

Earlier on August 28, the first phase of Tabriz metro Line 1 opened for trial passenger services.

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