Monday, 09 March, 2020

Isfahan officially registered as ‘World Crafts City’

During a ceremony held at Isfahan’s Abbasi hotel on Saturday, the ancient city of Isfahan was officially accredited with the title ‘World Crafts City’ by the World Crafts Council (WCC).

The ceremony attended by Iran’s Head of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization Massoud Soltanifar,  President of WCC-Asia Pacific Region Dr. Ghada Hijjawi-Qaddumi and Mayor of Isfahan Mehdi Jamalinejad.

On September 5, World Crafts Council (WCC) has announced Isfahan and Tabriz as global cities of handicraft and carpet following the investigations and presence of some international experts in Iran.

Delegates from World Crafts Council had visited Isfahan and Tabriz in June and July 2015.

Isfahan and Tabriz are the only cities in Iran to be conferred the title for ‘World Crafts City’ since the inception of the WCC in 1964.

Isfahan officially registered as ‘World Crafts City’ during a ceremony held at Abbasi hotel on Saturday

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