Monday, 09 March, 2020

Isfahan ready for a big celebration

Isfahan will celebrate its registration as the World Crafts City during a ceremony scheduled for October 3, Mayor of Isfahan Mahdi Jamalinejad told reporters.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of an art festival in Isfahan, Jamalinejad said: ‘In 2006, Isfahan was introduced as cultural capital of the Muslim World and the city officially will be registered as the World Crafts City on coming 3th October.’

On September 5 this year, the ancient cities of Isfahan and Tabriz in Iran were accredited with the title ‘World Crafts City’ by the World Crafts Council (WCC).

Delegates from World Crafts Council had visited Isfahan and Tabriz in June and July 2015.

Isfahan and Tabriz are the only cities in Iran to be conferred the title for ‘World Crafts City’ since the inception of the WCC in 1964.

‘Isfahan has a wide capacity in the field of handicrafts and tourism and has been successful in holding cultural and artistic festivals.’ Tasnim agency news quoted Jamalinejad as saying.


According to earlier reports, Masud Soltanifar, the chief of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicraft Organization (CHTHO), and some ambassadors are invited to the ceremony.

‘A selection of elite handicraft artists will also attend the event and three exquisite handicraft artworks will be unveiled during the ceremony’, Isfahan CHTHO office director Fereydun Allahyari said earlier this month.

Over 18000 artists produce handicrafts in 196 types in Isfahan, which covers one third of handicraft products in Iran

The crafts of Isfahan encompass textiles, carpets, metalwork, woodwork, ceramics, painting, and inlay works of various kind. The work is carried out in different settings including small industrial and bazaar workshops, in the homes of craftsmen and women, and in rural cottage industries.

Isfahan’s crafts are clearly rooted in the city’s royal past, but to suggest a direct and uninterrupted link to the Safavid era would be too simplistic an assumption.

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