Friday, 08 April, 2016

ISIL Reacts to its Western Creators


From the beginning of ISIL conflict, no Western countries did understand the real threats of such a terrorist group towards them. Some Western countries like Belgium having a top rank in social welfare, faces some real threats from ISIL known as Daesh over the last months.

Over the last hours, some European countries such as Belgium having one of the stable economies in the world have faced three terroristic attacks. Two terrorist attacks in the airport and another one in the subway can represent and prove the instability in the center of Europe. It seems that the creators of ISIL have been suffering from the consequences of its creation. Belgium has invariably tried to show its neutral position in the world to take some benefits from it such as holding various talks and so one today has faced with some terrorist attacks to jeopardize its interests.

Turkey as the main way of transferring European Takfiri to Iraq and Syria has suffered from terrorist attacks over the last months. Turkey’s main source of income, tourism, has faced difficulties over such attacks. The last one left more than 37 casualties over the attack in Istanbul streets.

Last day, a person was arrested whose identity is matched with the mastermind of Paris attacks. After that, today in the stable country like Belgium another attack has been occurred. In Germany, the security alert has remained high. Every terrorist attack is possible even in the safest and most stable European countries.

But what is the reason of such instability and insecurity in Europe? Ten years ago, a European critic wrote that if European countries did not disregard Takfiri ideology, Europe would be faced with its consequences.

Five years ago, when social media filled with Muslim pics who were travelling legally or illegally from European countries to Turkey, on one has foreseen such conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

After the establishment of such Muslim, European countries recognized that they can get rid of those Muslims in Europe and even their citizens cannot be converted to Islam as well. But they did not know that those Takfiris who are greedy, will not only devour Iraq and Syria but also they tend to gobble up Europe.

Today, European citizens should ask their officials that why European people should pay the cost of incorrect decisions of EU officials? Stability and security are among the top priority that every official should provide for its citizens.

Greed of European and American officials along with stupidity of Saudi Arabia and Qatar have produced nothing but ISIL which today is acting against its creators.

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