Thursday, 09 January, 2020

ISIL’s financing sources should be investigated, Rouhani says

During the latest meeting of Iran’s Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, President Rouhani touched upon the recent acts of terror in France, Egypt, and Lebanon.

Islam is the religion of mercy and peace; it should not be permitted acts like these in Europe and America where many Muslims live, lead to rise of Islamophobia, said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday.

The official made the remarks at the beginning of his speech at a meeting of Iran’s Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution in Tehran.

“Unfortunately, mainly, children, women and innocent civilian have been victimized in recent attacks,” lamented Rouhani urging that “a global determination should be formed to counter these crimes.”

The Iranian president re-condemned the terrorist attacks in Lebanon and France in addition to bombing the Russian plane which dropped over Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula in October and asserted that the acts are in dire contrast with Islamic thoughts and teachings saying that, “the ISIL terrorists attribute their acts to Islam, to create a wave of Islamophobia in the world.”

“It has been years that the Islamic Republic of Iran has been calling for a unanimous international campaign against vicious phenomenon of terrorism,” highlighted the Iranian president stressing that “as a country victimized by terrorism, Iran both condemns and counters these acts of murdering the innocent.”

He also called for investigations to expose the source of the terrorists’ funds which keep the ISIL alive to continue their acts of terror.

Moreover, Rouhani voiced gratitude for all efforts of security and intelligence staff of the country in preserving peace in Iran.

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